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RECARO Young Sport HERO Car Seat

RM 899.00

A safety evolution.
The RECARO Young Sport HERO is an evolution in terms of safety. Its predecessor was sold over a million times and is especially popular because of the long usage and ease of handling. The integrated belt system with the innovative HERO technology and the optimized side impact protection make the RECARO bestseller even better.

Innovative HERO Safety System

  • Shoulder paddings, belts and headrest form one unit
  • No slipping or twisting of belts makes buckling in easy
  • Extra padding on the shoulder straps prevents further injuries in case of a frontal crash

Advanced Side Protection (ASP)

  • Lateral energy absorbers reduce forces in case of a side impact
  • Protective foam in hip, shoulder and head area


  • Particularly long usage
  • Installation with the car's 3-point belt (Group I-III)
  • Integrated 5-point belt for additional safety (Group I)


  • Perfect seating ergonomics thanks to automotive moulded foam
  • Innovative belt clip for easy fixation of the seat in the car
  • Insert cushion offers more stability for smaller kids
  • Breathable fabrics ensure best air circulation
  • Set recline position with a simple twist at the turn knob

* Provided 2 years warranty *

RECARO Young Sport HERO: Product Feature

RECARO Young Sport HERO - Converting Seat from ECE Group 1 to Groups 2/3