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RECARO Car Seat Protector

RM 99.00

The RECARO Car Seat Protector protects your car’s interior in two ways:-
● The RECARO Car Seat Protector can be fastened to the rear of the car’s front seats.
● The Car Seat Protector is simply attached to the headrest with the fastening strap provided. This keeps the rear of the front seats clean, despite children’s dirty shoes.

RECARO Car Seat Protector can also be use under the RECARO child car seats on the car’s seats to avoid pressure marks and wear on the car seat. Crumbs and chocolate marks no longer land on the upholstery, but on the RECARO Car Seat Protector, where they can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

● Made from imitation leather and can increase your child’s safety due to the additional stability it gives the child seat in the car.
● Protection against wear and pressure marks
● Can be wiped down with a damp cloth
● Easy to use