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Medela Purelan™ Lanolin Cream (EXP: 06.2024)

RM 32.00

In the first few days and weeks of frequent breastfeeding, many women experience  nipple soreness and dry skin. Purelan™ lanolin cream gives you fast relief for sore nipples and dry skin. 1 ¯ 4

It is 100% natural and safe for your baby – you do not need to remove before breastfeeding.

At a glance
Fast relief for sore nipples and dry skin 1-4
Safe for your baby – no need to remove before breastfeeding
Effective – rich texture creates a protective layer on the skin’s surface and rehydrates from within
100% natural, single-ingredient lanolin. No additives, preservatives and fragrance added
Ultra-pure medical-grade lanolin tested to the highest safety standards, the European Pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopoeia standards
Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin
Ethically sourced from mulesing-free farms

How it works

Purelan™ creates a protective layer on skin’s surface and is absorbed deeply by the skin where it rehydrates from within – restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Use Purelan™ at every feed to relieve soreness and protect your nipples. There is no need to remove Purelan™ before feeding.

Other Useful Nipple Care Products
If you experience sore and cracked nipples, you can try Medela's Hydrogel pads for instant relief. Hydrogel Pads provide cooling effect for soothing sore nipples and promote natural healing by providing a moist environment that is conducive to effective wound healing in case of cracked nipples.