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Chicco Baby Moments (Baby Skin) Nappy Cream 100ml

RM 39.90

[ Description ]

Specifically studied for the treatment of the most sensitive areas protects the skin in the diaper area. The fragrance-free formula provides extra gentle action. 

The effectiveness is guaranteed by the four actions:

1. PREVENT irritation and redness caused by external agents counteracting the appearance of rashes and irritations.

2. PROTECTS the skin and strengthens the natural defenses by creating a barrier on the skin, while leaving it free to breathe.

3. SOOTHES the skin from the first use by restoring the integrity of the skin barrier.

4. REPAIRS skin promoting natural regeneration of the skin barrier process.

[ Directions ]

Apply a thin layer with a light massage on the skin dry and clean at every diaper change.

[ Active Natural Ingredients ]

Zinc Oxide 10%: Soothing

Shea Butter: Regenerating action of the skin barrier

Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5): Moisturising, softening and soothing

Vitamin E: Moisturising and protective action