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Chicco Baby Moments (Baby Skin) Sweet Perfumed Water

RM 47.00

Chicco Baby Moments Sweet Perfumed Water will perfume your child by wrapping him or her in a soft, delicate scent which will embrace then a like second skin. This perfume water ia suitable for both girls and boy from the first day of life. The sweet and delicate scent will involve your baby in a soft perfumed hug.
The Baby Moments Sweet Perfumed, with a refreshing and special scent that reminds you and your baby of the unique moments of care and tenderness you share.
The soft and delicate scent will envelop your baby with a soft and fragrant scent. No parabens. No dyes. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Size: 100ml
Product type: Perfumed water
Model: Baby Moments
Made in Italy
Alcohol free
Dyes free
Parabens free
SLS and SLES free
Respect of the physiological pH
No tears formulation
Presense of main specific ingredients
Use it a every diaper change
How to use: Pour a small amount on the hand and apply gently to the baby's skin
Recommended Age: Between 0 and 36 months