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Bueno 8 in 1 Digital Food Processor

RM 179.00

8-in-1 Multi Function: Steam, Blend (Puree), Auto, Meat, Defrost, Warm, Sterilize & Inching

[ Description ]

Bueno 8-in-1 Digital Baby Food Processor is a necessary kitchen appliance for modern parents, offering a quick and efficient way and solution to prepare and cook healthy, tasty and nutritious meal for precious baby, as well as for family as a whole. Within minutes, a nutritious and delicious meal is made by BUENO Digital Baby Food Processor.

[ Features ]

•    Very Practical – Multi-Function 8-in-1 kitchen appliance which steams and blends food, preserving all natural nutrients to create healthy and tasty meals. It also provides defrost function

•    Easy & Convenient  to use – Touch Screen & LED Digital controls all functions thus it’s very simple to operate & use. Adjust time of certain functions accordingly based on amount of food

•    Inching - further blending to achieve finerbaby food

•    Auto function - blend food when preset steaming time is completed. Preset programs

•    Water Shortage Indicator – Light Indicator will be on when water in appliance tank is empty

•    Ideal for all types of food  - suitable vegetables, fruits, poultry, meat, beans, fish, etc., making vegetables as well as fruits puree for precious loved one

•    Add-Value for money - assist parents provide their precious children nutritious homemade meals whilst offering savings of time and money on meal preparation

•    Durable & safe – Double Buckle Design, machine will STOP when open up lid/cover or pick-up blender container. Food Grade Container. Power-Off protection. Comes with BPA Free Tritan™ Processing Jug

•    Spacious – Extra Bucket to hold Food or items in steaming mode

•    Anti-Dry Protection – so that machine will not over heating

•    More Clean – Detachable Blades, so as to be able to clean thoroughly with ease

Sticky rubber feet for extra stability during use. It is compact, easy to carry and easy to use.

Important Notice For Using Bueno Food Processor

DO NOT blend the cooked and soft food continuously for more than 90 seconds. Let the machine to cool down for a few seconds before repeating the blending process. Continuous blending for a long time will caused the motor to be overheated.

[ Specifications ] 

•    Input Voltage: 230V ~50Hz

•    Heating Power: 300W

•    Blending Power: 110W

•    Product Size: 28.5 (L)*21.5 (H)*14 (W) cm

•    Capacity: Steam Water Cup: 250ml, Mixing Cup: 1050ml, Food mixing: 450ml

•    Housing Material: ABS

[ Warranty Period ] 

•    1 Year + 1 Year when you register [here] (